Empowered Mommas. Healthy Babies.

Easy Meal Kits for Healthy Baby Food, Delivered Right to Your Door.

Empowered Mommas. Healthy Babies.

Easy Meal Kits for Healthy Baby Food, Delivered Right to Your Door.

How We Empower You

When it comes to giving your baby the best nutrients, we know that advice is widespread and overwhelming. We’ve done the hard part – extensive research - and have found an easy, healthy way for you to introduce three new ingredients weekly to your little ones.

Our weekly momma kit delivers the freshest organic ingredients in their purest form (never frozen!) directly to your home, so YOU can ensure the healthiest meals for your baby. All guesswork eliminated.

With our easy-to-follow recipes and tips and tricks tailored to the tools already in your home, making fresh baby food has never been easier. You can now personally control what your baby eats, and take comfort in knowing it’s the best.

The Importance of Introducing New Ingredients

At the 6-month check-up, most pediatricians begin talking to mommas (and daddies!) about the importance of introducing new ingredients to babies as they mature. While the process can often be complicated and overwhelming, there are major benefits. Allergy detection is one of the most significant. Research shows that the second or third time your baby tries a new ingredient, an allergy or sensitivity can be flagged. To properly understand which ingredients your baby is or is not allergic to, it’s important to try each ingredient at least three times. This process is recommended until a variety of ingredients in varying textures, consistencies and colors have been introduced.

Pediatrician Approved

"As a pediatrician who began his career when prepared baby food was in its prime, I have always believed that home cooked food was best for babies. With (Momma Gourmet's) method, I feel that your baby will be better fed, with better nutrition, than any pre-made food can offer. This is by far the best system I have found for feeding babies home-prepared food." -E.W. Millunchick FAAP • In addition to having pediatrician research and support, we also enlist professional input on everything from dice size to cooking temperature, all to ensure each meal can be homemade safely and easily while delivering the most nutrients possible.

Baby Approved

Your little one will love our momma kits as much as you do! With the research, shopping and meal-prep eliminated, you have more quality time to spend with your baby. Share in the cooking and eating experience, growing a bond over food creation. Play, giggle and eat together (you’ll enjoy the food too, we promise!). Plus, watching you prioritize the quality of their food will instill the importance of healthy eating at a young age.


As a first time, working mom, the thought of researching and making my own baby food seemed very overwhelming. Momma Gourmet made it so easy! Not only are the recipes easy to follow, my daughter is eating so much more variety and flavor combinations than are offered through store bought products.

– Jen

All any mom wants is to give her baby the best of everything and to keep it as simple as possible. Momma Gourmet keeps this at the forefront of the program and only supplies you with the best, all natural produce and recipes that are not only easy to follow, but quick to make. It's also a huge money saver when you take into consideration the amount of leftovers you have after preparing and freezing.

– Amber

Meet Kelly

When it came time to start introducing foods to my own child, so many questions were running through my head and I wanted all the answers. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

“Where do I start? What ingredients do I start with? Do I buy store bought baby food or do I make my own? Why does all of the store bought baby food contain apples? What are these ingredients on the label? What if I have a picky eater?"

I knew that I wanted to have control over what my baby was eating.  My journey for information and solutions was the beginning of Momma Gourmet.

I wanted to see the ingredients in the purest form - fresh, beautiful, ripe and ready to cook. And so, I developed an at-home meal prep program to do just that.

I am very excited for you to begin this journey with Momma Gourmet. I think you’ll find it as empowering as I did!



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